Power Outage Alarms

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Losing power in your home can be a local event in just your home or neighborhood or a widespread event affecting a large portion of your county, state or even cross state lines! On August 14th 2003 there was a massive power outage which affected most of the North Eastern USA as well a large portion of Ontario, Canada. Although power was restored to some local areas within hours after the blackout, several major cities were left without power for days. Power failures can be caused by human error, mechanical failure, overloads, weather or even natural or man made disaster.

For home owners, not being home during a power outage can result in catastrophe. If no one is at a property during a power outage essential services such as heat may be lost which can cause pipes to freeze and burst causing extensive flood damage.

Absolute Automation is an international distributor of power monitoring and alarm systems for use in residential, commercial and industrial applications. Typically these units will also monitor for temperature alarm conditions at the monitored locations, this is an added bonus in situations where the power has failed during a period of below freezing temperatures. The alarm will continue to monitor the temperature at the impacted location throughout the power outage ensuring that the temperatures do not fall to damaging levels.

Power Outage Alarm for Residential and Commercial Use

Residential Power Outage Alarm

Sensaphone 400 Power Outage and Temperature Alarm

This model monitors power, temperature, high noise and 3 additional sensors of your choice.

Power Outage Alarm for Industrial Use

Server Power Monitor

Sensaphone IMS-4000 Power Outage and Temperature Monitor

This model is designed specifically for use in large office buildings, data centers or any other type of IT application. Rack Mountable!