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Sensaphone WEB600 Monitor Power, Temperature, Noise, and 3 additional sensors.
POWER OUTAGE ALARMS When a power outage occurs it can be a devastating situation. Whether it’s your fridge, freezer, sump pump, or any other devices that run 24/7 there needs to be protection in place. Home owners need the reliability and security to know that if there is a problem in their home, they will be notified when away from the premise. Power outages occur on almost a monthly and sometimes weekly basis depending on your residence/business. The power can be restored hours maybe days later, and if the home owner is not home, it will be catastrophic. With a power outage alarm such as the Sensaphone WEB600, you can monitor exactly when there is a problem. It allows you to remotely get texts, voice, and e-mails via the internet. Power outage alarms are also equipped with battery backup. What this means is even when the power is out the alarm will continue working. That can provide to be very useful in any situation whether home or away from the alarm.
Power Outage Alarms
Power Outage Alarm Residential Use
Power Outage Alarm Industrial Use
Sensaphone IMS-4000 Industrial size monitor, that is ideal for use in large buidlings. It is also Rack Mountable in places such as server rooms.